Corporate Information

Chief Executive (Interim)

Stephen Cook

Stephen Cook has been appointed as interim Chief Executive.   Stephen is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing and is a freelance housing consultant.  Between 2008-2017 he was Chief Executive of Valleys to Coast Housing, as stock-transfer housing association in Bridgend.  His housing career started in the early 1980s in local government working in Bristol, Sussex, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire before joining Fosseway Housing Association in 1997.

Director of Finance and ICT

Mark Potter BA CPFAMark Potter

Mark qualified as a chartered accountant with the Audit Commission in 1997 after a degree in Accountancy at the University of Kent.  Following his employment with the Audit Commission and Deloitte undertaking Audit and Consultancy work, Mark gained his first director position with what was the probation service in South Wales in 2002.

Mark joined CCHA as Interim Director of Finance & ICT in January 2012 before taking up the post permanently in January 2013.




Each year we publish a report to demonstrate how we are performing against our corporate outcomes. These are:

  • Tenants value their homes and our services
  • Tenants are proud of their communities
  • Tenants feel listened to and their views count
  • Our team is effective and valued
  • Our business is efficient

The Annual Report and financial statements for the year ended 2018 is available here: Annual Report

The Guarantee for Housing Association Residents has been developed by the Welsh Assembly Government in consultation with the Welsh Federation of Housing Associations and the Welsh Tenants Federation.

Its purpose is to advise you about:

  • What your landlord must do to comply with the Regulatory Code
  • Any additional standards that are considered to be good practice which your landlord should normally comply with.

The Guarantee is important. You can use the Guarantee to find out what you can expect and to check that you are getting the service that you should be getting from your housing association. It also tells you what to do if you think your housing association is not honouring the Guarantee.

Tenants guarantee

This is a statement by Cardiff Community Housing Association Limited (“CCHA”) in respect of the Association’s commitment to meet its responsibilities under the provisions of the Bribery Act 2010 (which came into force on 1st July 2011).

CCHA’s Board and Senior Management Team will not tolerate bribery or corruption from employees, board members and committee members of the Association or anyone working on our behalf, including contractors. We are committed to carry out our business transparently and fairly and, therefore, we operate a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery.

As a Registered Provider of housing, CCHA is committed to eliminating corruption and bribery and achieving the highest standards of governance in all its activities.

We have undertaken a risk assessment in order to identify where the organisation might be vulnerable to bribery and an action plan will be drafted in order to mitigate the risk areas identified.

We are implementing a training programme for staff and Board members and are updating staff induction programmes and policies and procedures to reflect the requirements of the Bribery Act 2011.

CCHA welcomes any feedback concerning this statement and its policies and performance concerning bribery. Please contact Kevin Protheroe on 029 2046 8490 should you have any queries.

We acknowledge and regret that, in society, some groups of people and individuals are treated unfairly. This can be based on disability, race, ethnic origin, sex, nationality, religion, age, marital status and sexual orientation.
We are determined that through our services we will provide equal opportunities in housing and employment.
Please use the links below to see our overall policy on equality, and our aims and plans relating to our services for black, minority ethnic people.
We will also be reviewing our services to ensure that we are being fair to other groups of people. Our findings and proposed actions will be added to this website. We will also be providing reports about our performance in achieving our plans.
The following links provide detailed information on CCHA’s Equal Opportunities policy:

If you would like us to translate any part of our information to Welsh, ask please. You can do this by visiting us or write to us at the address below or by calling 029 2046 8490 and ask for Customer Services. If you prefer to speak to us in Welsh we can arrange for a Welsh speaker has to attend an appointment.

Cardiff Community Housing Association
Tolven Court
Dowlais Road
CF24 5LQ

To see our Welsh Language Policy please follow this link: Welsh Language Scheme (3).

You can download our most recent corporate strategy here:

Corporate Strategy 2017-2022

The Pay Transparency Report commissioned by CHC represents 36 Welsh Housing Associations, and provides a transparent and open overview of senior pay rates in the social housing sector.

The Report follows a recommendation from the Public Accounts Committee to generate greater transparency and openness in the sector.

The housing sector in Wales provides great value for money; for every £1 of public funding received, Housing Associations generate £5.69 for the Welsh economy.  In 2018/2019, HAs invested over £1bn in communities across Wales, with 89p in every £1 remaining in Wales.

The Report shows that 11% of the sector is led by a Chief Executive from a BAME background, which compares with 2% in the wider UK housing sector. (Inside Housing, 2018)

There is an even number of male and female CEOs in Welsh Housing Associations, compared with the UK average of 72.8% male to 27.2% female (ONS article “Understanding the gender pay gap in the UK” published 17th January 2018)