Community Living and Intermediate Rent Schemes

Our Community Living schemes provide non-family 1 & 2 bedroom apartments to those in housing need who are in employment and on a low income, and/or doing voluntary work within the Cardiff area.  Weekly rent & service charges range from around £84.00 – £109.00 for a 1 bedroom flat and £98.00 – £118.00 for a 2 bedroom flat.   In some schemes this also includes water and/or heating costs.  No bond payment is required.

Our Intermediate rent apartments also provide non-family accommodation to those in employment, however the rent is nearer what you would expect to pay in the private rented sector and a payment of a bond is required in advance.

If you are in employment then you must be working within the Cardiff area and be earning between £15,000 to £30,000 per annum before tax to qualify.  You will be required to provide your last 3 pay slips, if you are self employed then you will need to provide your last tax return.  If you do voluntary work then you will need to provide proof from the agency you volunteer to.
To apply you must submit a Common Waiting List application form and select the areas where we have Community Living or Intermediate rent apartments.  You should tick the section asking if you are interested in being considered for Community Living schemes and provide your employment and income details.

All Community Living schemes are designated non-family – no children are allowed unless the applicant has proven access to a child or children.  2 bedroom flats are let to applicants with access to children or with a proven need for a 2nd bedroom in the first instance.  Pets are not allowed at any of the schemes.  All flats are unfurnished and no carpets or curtains are provided. Laminate flooring is not permitted in the flats.

Once you are registered on the Common Waiting List, unfortunately we cannot estimate how long you will have to wait for an offer.  Waiting times depend on availability, the number of points you are allocated on the Cardiff Common Waiting List and the number of other applicants registered.  We will send you a screening form regularly to check that you are still looking for accommodation and still meeting our income requirements.  If you are shortlisted for a Community Living vacancy then we will notify you and invite you to attend a Verification Interview.

Designated Community Living & Intermediate Rent Schemes:

Address Property Type Property size Facilities Additional Charges
Moorland Rd, Splott

CF24 2LJ

40 Flats 1& 2 Bed No lift, non-allocated parking Service Charge, Water rates & heating charge
Moorhead Close, Lewis Rd, Splott CF24 5FB 18 Flats 1 & 2 beds Lift, parking

(2 Intermediate rent flats)

Service Charge & Water rates


Ffordd Ottoway, Sanquahar Street, Splott CF24 2FB 40 Flats 1 & 2 bed Lift, limited non-allocated parking, ( 4 ground floor disabled adapted flats) Service Charge, water rates & heating charge
Tharsis Close, Adamsdown CF24 2FT 18 Flats 1 bed No Lift, parking Service Charge only
Moira Terrace, Adamsdown CF24 OEJ 7 Flats 1 – 1 bed

6 – 2 bed

No lift, No parking (residents parking permit area Service Charge & Heating Charge
Aquila, Falcon Drive, Cardiff Bay CF10 4PD (South Butetown) 101 Flats 1 & 2 beds Lift, limited non-allocated parking, concierge service Service Charge, water rates & heating charge
Galleon Way, Atlantic Wharf CF10 4JE (South Butetown) 35 Flats 1 & 2 bed Lift, limited non-allocated parking Service Charge, water rates
De Bawdrip Road, Roath Brook

CF24 2TN (Tremorfa)

14 Flats 1 bed only No Lift, non-allocated parking Service Charge only
91/92 St Mary’s Street, City Centre CF10 1DX (Cathays) 11 Flats 1 & 2 bed None on ground floor, no lift, no parking Service Charge


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