Cardiff Community Housing Association has been awarded a share of a six million pound fund from The Big Lottery Fund Wales for its Flourish project. The fund has been designed to support projects that help families who are struggling financially, but with at least one adult working, to reduce the impact of in-work poverty. 


 A key feature of CCHA’s Flourish project is the partnership between CCHA and the families taking part, who will work together to understand the barriers that are impacting on earning potential and to develop plans to increase household income such as support with budgeting, transport and childcare. Families will be supported to develop and run their own initiatives which will increase potential earnings, improve employment opportunities and improve quality of life.


Each of the successful thirteen bids described how they put families at the heart of planning the project.


Sue Anscombe, Community and Regeneration Manager, CCHA said, “CCHA is delighted to have been awarded funding from the Big Lottery Fund for its Flourish project. The project will allow us to support working families, who may be struggling financially or facing barriers they are finding difficult to overcome, and to work with them to identify the areas in which they want to focus on which they believe will help provide a solution. This will allow families to thrive both individually and as a community.”