If you own a dog, then you should already be aware that there was a change in the law recently, and as of 6 April 2016, all dogs must be micro chipped and registered to an approved database by the time they are 8 weeks old.  If you are a keeper of a dog which has not been micro chipped you could get served with a notice requiring them to be micro chipped and you will have 21 days in which to do so.

The Dogs Trust are currently offering free micro chipping across the country, to help ensure that cost does not stop people complying with the new law. You can find out more information on their website: http://www.chipmydog.org.uk/

 A reminder for pet owners

We would like to remind tenants that as part of your Tenancy Agreement, you must keep under controls any animals kept at the premises.

If you are considering keeping a pet and you are living in a house or bungalow, you will need to gain permission prior to this.  No pets are allowed in flats without the specific permission of CCHA.