CCHA has been re-awarded the Certificate of Customer Service Excellence for a further three years.

The award is given to companies that demonstrate that they put their tenants at the heart of what they do.

Following an assessment in February, CCHA were acknowledged as having a number of areas of Good or Excellent Practice.

These include:

  • The overall culture within CCHA was recognised as being very customer-focused, with tenants being at the heart of everything we do.
  • Tenants feel listened to, and CCHA takes action when required and feeds back to tenants.
  • The level of tenant engagement and involvement was one of highest seen by the assessor – particularly the tenant-led tenant conference, tenant involvement in interviews, packages of training developed for tenants to fully participate in service improvements and development of focus groups.
  • The Anti-Social Behaviour team and service provided was complimented, particularly around the amount of good work and support being undertaken with tenants.
  • Community Engagement and CCHA’s support of the wider community including the development of community ambassadors, volunteering opportunities, well-being support and training, and development of community members and customers were cited as excelling.
  • Having good processes in place to deal with complaints at first point of contact.
  • The changes made in our Customer Services Team from office layout to meeting spaces were also seen as very customer-focused and were made as a result of tenant feedback and with the tenant at the heart.

Thanks to two of our tenants, Jodie Barry and John Donne who took part in the two day assessment and made such a valuable contribution.