An update from Brett

Hi, I’m Brett Gilbert.

I started working for Cardiff Community Housing Association (CCHA) in June 2019, helping to keep customers safe from the risk of fire.

My 15 years’ fire safety experience, providing solutions as a contractor and specifying requirements from the client side, helps me recommend cost effective solutions to any concerns, ensuring our properties are safe.

While the office environment has changed for my home, the role is still keeping me busy. I manage our specialist contractors, who are still working, to ensure fire safety precautions are in place.

I am also working on fire safety projects and initiatives including:

  • Planning the installation of sprinkler systems within higher risk properties, like Aquila House
  • Working with our Fire Safety consultants to undertake inspections of our properties and communal areas
  • Working with our contractors to maintain, repair, replace, and upgrade fire alarm systems and other fire safety equipment
  • Specifying products and materials, like fire doors, to become a standard across CCHA stock
  • Producing fire safety information for tenants and creating internal fire safety processes and procedures. Our contractors are still working to ensure our fire safety precautions are in good working order. Our customers can help by ensuring communal areas are clear of items, which may allow a fire to spread or prevent people leaving if an emergency were to occur.For fire safety tips and information, visit our website HERE

If you have any queries or concerns, give us a call on 029 2046 8490.

Stay safe,




An update from Mark

Hi all,

My name is Mark Hapgood, and I joined CCHA in 2018 as a Technical Maintenance Officer.

I now work in the Assets Team and run the Planned Works programmes, which I have been doing for the past nine months.

One certain thing in these uncertain times is that our tenants will still require new kitchens, bathrooms, windows, and

updated communal areas when the lockdown is lifted and things return to normal.

So, whilst working from home, I am building the Planned Works programmes; liaising with our contractors to agree specifications; working on timeframes; and discussing how our contractors are working to keep our tenants and themselves safe at this time, so that when we return to work we can continue with the Planned Works programmes and complete this year’s works.

I work with a number of contractors: Sovereign, Jeffries, EAP, Warrior Doors, Unicorn Painting, and Strong’s. I continue to liaise with them on a weekly basis to ensure we are ready to deliver our services as soon as we are able to do so.

Stay safe, everyone, keep well, and we look forward to continuing to provide this service on our return.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 029 2046 8490.


An update from Hodan


Hi, my name is Hodan.  I joined CCHA in September 2018 and work as a Compliance Assistant.  I coordinate Fire Risk Assessments and the cyclical servicing of fire equipment, including fire alarms and emergency lighting, in all of our communal areas.

During this time of social distancing communication is more important than ever for ensuring that you are safe in your homes and that our staff and contractors are working safely, and so my role has expanded to include supporting the Customer Services Team and acting as a community liaison.

I am supporting the Customer Services Team by taking calls for Housing and Maintenance; assisting tenants and staff alike to resolve issues promptly and directing them to the most appropriate resources where an issue cannot be resolved over the phone.

As a liaison within the BME Community I am working closely with CCHA’s Communications Team on Somali translations of our literature and on engagement within the community itself.



An update from Andrew 

Hi, my name is Andrew Bradley.

I started working for Cardiff Community Housing Association (CCHA) in November 2019, as the Assets and Compliance Manager.

We are a team of six office-based staff, responsible for managing Landlords’ Health and Safety Compliance.

During these difficult times our work continues as normal.  Making sure that everyone is safe in their own home and in the communal areas of flats is our highest priority.

The only difference is that this important work is being carried out by the six of us working from our own homes.  Here are some of the examples of the work we are doing to make sure that everyone is safe:

  • Servicing of boilers and associated appliances, smoke alarms, CO detectors, and heat detectors
  • Inspections of the electrics in your home and in communal areas
  • Inspections of fire alarms, emergency lighting, and lifts in communal areas
  • Cleaning of communal areas including antibacterial wipe down to touchpoints
  • Fire Risk Assessments to all communal areas
  • Estate inspections to make sure all communal areas and escape routes are clear


As we work to keep you safe in your homes we ask that you help by keeping your appointments and making sure that no items are stored in communal areas.  All of our contractors have your safety and theirs in mind and have the relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 029 2046 8490.

Stay safe,




An update from Dyf:  

Hi, I’m Dyf (pronounced ‘dove’, like the bird, it’s short for Dyfrig, and it’s a Welsh name that translates to “We want our child to have to repeat his name six or seven times to every new person he meets”). I joined CCHA in 20

18 and I work as a Compliance Assistant.

I work in partnership with our contractor, Westward Energy Services, to coordinate the annual servicing of central heating systems in CCHA properties.

As compliance and legislation haven’t slowed down during these difficult times, neither have we! The annual servicing is going ahead as normal. If you receive an appointment letter and are self-isolating or shielding, we can rearrange your appointment for a later date.

If you have received an appointment letter for your annual central heating service and you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 07583 071727.

Stay safe,


An update from the Money Advice, Housing and Customer Services Team

Take a look at this video where some of the team from Money Advice, Housing and Customer Services tell us a bit about themselves and how their jobs have changed during these challenging times, but they are still providing services to tenants from home, and Jeff tries to tell a joke (you’ve been warned…)