It’s important to tell us when something in the house isn’t working so that we can make sure it doesn’t get any worse. You can do this by:

  • Over the phone on 029 2046 8490 (press option 1 to speak to the CSA team)
  • On our website ccha.org.uk
  • Via email to info@ccha.org.uk
  • In an emergency call our Out Of Hours team
There are three options:

  • Request an appointment to be placed back on to the CCC waiting list (Transfer List) by calling the customer service team
  • Sign up to Homeswapper by either visiting homeswapper.co.uk or by booking an appointment with the CSA team who will walk you through the sign up and show you how to look for properties to exchange with.
  • Look to private renting/purchase
  • Online via “myAccount” at ccha.org.uk
  • At any paypoint using your Allpay rent card (new cards can be order from the CSA team)
  • Over the phone with the CSA team or the Housing Officer.
  • In person at the office in cash, cheque or by card.
  • By Direct Debit at your convenience. Forms can be sent to you by your Housing Officer or the CSA team
  • By Standing order (CCHA’s bank account details available from the CSA team)
CCHA, Cardiff County Council and other Housing Associations who have homes in Cardiff all use one waiting list for those wanting to transfer to a new home in Cardiff.

This means that Cardiff Community Housing Association no longer has its own waiting list and all our homes are allocated through the Common Waiting List.

The Common Waiting List offers a greater choice of homes for tenants wanting to move as both Council and Housing Associations use the same waiting lists.  The process of applying for a transfer is simple because one standard application form is used and there is no longer any need to fill in different application forms for each landlord.

For those wishing to transfer, a transfer interview is required.  If you are a CCHA tenant you can arrange this by calling our Customer Services Team on 02920468490. You will be given the time and date for an office appointment and sent guidance notes, a list of documentation to bring to the interview and application form to complete.  If you are not a CCHA tenant you will need to arrange the appointment with your own landlord.

When you attend the interview bring the completed application form with you, together with all the appropriate evidence. Your application form will be checked, supporting documentation photocopied and as long as everything has been provided, your form can be sent to Cardiff County Council immediately.

Once you are registered on the Cardiff Common Waiting List it is a matter of waiting until your housing application is at the top of the waiting list for an appropriate property in one of your areas of choice.  When your application is at the top of the waiting list you will be contacted by the relevant HA or the Council.

If you would like to find out how long you may have to wait for a property then the Cardiff Housing website www.cardiffhousing.co.uk contains a waiting list calculator which shows how long you may have to wait for a new home.

CCHA’s Planned Maintenance programme aims to replace the kitchens in our properties at least every 25 years. Stock condition surveys, a Welsh Government requirement, are carried out periodically to assess the condition of every home. The information from these surveys influence when items such as the kitchen are due for an upgrade, to help us meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standard. For more information, please contact Chris Chappell on 02920468454.
We have 42 days (6 weeks) in order to arrange a mutual exchange.  You will need to complete an application form giving your details and those of the person you wish to exchange with.  On receipt of this we will then arrange a visit during which your property will be inspected and we will take details that we may not have.  We will then send a report to the incoming tenant’s landlord (they will do the same for us).  If the mutual exchange is to go ahead we will write to you advising when you need to come to our office to sign the paperwork.

If there are any outstanding rent arrears/recharges these will need to be cleared

You should not make any arrangements to move until you have had confirmation from us that the exchange is to go ahead.in full prior to the exchange going ahead.

Some of the reasons for a mutual exchange being turned down:

  • If you are likely to overcrowd the property you want to move to
  • If the incoming tenant you wish to exchange with would be overcrowding your property
  • If there are any outstanding Possession proceedings