Our Chief Executive, Hayley Selway, provided an update on our repairs service. Since 3rd August, we have been planning and booking all internal routine repairs with emergency, urgent, and compliance/safety repairs still taking priority.

We also stated that all internal repairs would be completed with additional PPE (masks, gloves, etc.) As we respond to the changes surrounding Coronavirus, we’re committed to providing a repairs service that keeps you, and your family, safe.

Please see below for the short film to provide some further information on what you can expect when you book a repair.

Of course, if you have any queries or concerns, please get in touch! #togetherwedo


English subtitles:





Arabic subtitles:


Somali subtitles:


(Please note that this was a simulated home repair. Members of the CCHA team created this video using an empty property that was being prepared to let. All locations complied with the social distancing guidelines in place at the time of filming.)