CCHA has been upgraded, and returned to Standard for Governance & Services, in a judgement by Welsh Government this week, following the regulator’s decision to downgrade the Association in March 2018.

The process of improvements started with changes on the Board with new members and a new Chair.  A whole new senior management team was appointed lead by Chief Executive Hayley Selway.

In the Regulatory Judgement published this week, CCHA also maintained its Standard rating for Financial Management.

Hayley Selway, Chief Executive said “I am delighted that CCHA has returned to Standard Standard in its Welsh Government Regulatory Judgement.  This regrading is testament to the commitment of our tenants, staff and Board. It comes following an exemplary internal audit on our approach to landlord health & safety.   The coronavirus is creating a very difficult environment, and we will continue to strive to ensure that tenants are core to everything we do.  I would like to thank everyone involved for their focus and dedication in getting CCHA back on track and giving tenants the services that they deserve.”

Mike Owen, Chair of CCHA, said: “Returning to a Standard for Governance & Services is a significant and positive milestone for CCHA after a successful period of restructuring and culture change that has transformed the Association into a hugely different and improved organisation. All levels of the CCHA team have been strengthened including our Board and executive team.

“I am delighted that the brave and ambitious changes we have implemented have been acknowledged. We have started a new relationship with our tenants and I would like to thank all those tenants who have helped us to be a better landlord.

“And I would also like to thank all the team at CCHA who have worked tirelessly through this period with renewed determination.

“I am confident that these well-earned results signal the start of a bright new future for our tenants and our staff who have done so much to reach this milestone.”

To see the full judgement click: CCHA – Regulatory Judgement