Introducing CCHA Pay – A new, simple and secure way to pay your rent by phone 

At CCHA we want to make paying rent as simple and easy as possible.  We have now introduced CCHA Pay, a simple to use automated telephone payment system.

With CCHA Pay you can pay your rent 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  All you need is a touch tone phone (phone with a keypad, or smart phone), a valid debit or credit card and your unique CCHA Pay reference number which has been posted to you, or you can get by ringing our Customer Services Team on 029 2046 8490.

What are the benefits of CCHA Pay?

CCHA Pay is a simple to use, secure telephone payment system and means that you can pay your rent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the time which is easiest for you.


How does CCHA Pay Work?

It’s very easy.  You just dial 029 2046 8490 and select option 1.   An automated voice will guide you through making a quick, easy, secure payment using the buttons on your phone.  You will be prompted to enter your CCHA Pay reference number, debit or credit card number and amount you want to pay.  You will be asked to confirm that the details you have entered are correct.


How do I know how much to pay?

CCHA Pay will provide you with your up-to-date rent account balance. You will be given the option to pay the amount due or can enter the amount you wish to pay. Please remember rent is payable in advance. If you have a payment plan with us, please remember to pay the agreed amount.


How will I know if my rent payment has been made?

An automated voice will tell you that your payment has been made successfully, and you will be given a transaction number at the end of your call.

What happens if there are any problems during the call?

An automated voice will let you know if there are any problems during the call which means that your payment cannot be made.   No money will be taken unless the process has been completed successfully.


Is this a safe and secure way to make a payment?

Yes, CCHA Pay uses the latest technology, and you can make a payment safely, in the knowledge that your phone payment has been made to the highest security standards.


What do I need to pay by CCHA Pay?

To pay your rent by CCHA Pay, all you will need is a touch tone phone, a valid debit or credit card and your unique CCHA Pay reference number.


Do I have to use CCHA Pay or can I continue to pay my rent as I do at the moment?

CCHA Pay is just one of the options you can use to pay your rent.  There are a number of other options.  For more information on other options for paying your rent please click: HERE

Please note that the Customer Services Team and Housing Officers will no longer be able to take a rent payment from you over the telephone.

If you would like more information on CCHA Pay please ring the Customer Services Team on 029 2046 8490 

If you want any information explained or translated, please let us know.  If you find it easier for us to talk to you in your own language, we can arrange for an interpreter to be present.