We Have Listened to Tenants, and the Maintenance and Repairs Service is Changing


As part of our continuing efforts to deliver excellent services to tenants, we are making changes to how we manage repairs and maintenance.

We have listened to feedback from tenants who have consistently told us that a first-class repairs service is their top priority.

CCHA will be bringing the general responsive maintenance service, which is currently provided by Axis, in-house and delivering the service directly.


What changes are being made to the repairs service?

We are introducing a new maintenance service which has been designed and planned around tenants’ needs, to improve customer satisfaction.

We will be bringing maintenance and repair staff such as plumbers and carpenters into our team, and CCHA will be directly delivering and managing the service.

This means that we will be in direct control of all our key maintenance and repairs services ensuring that repairs are scheduled through the appointments system and allocated to our maintenance staff so that they are carried out with a minimal turnaround time.

We are also considering extending the times for appointments so that repairs can be carried out on some evenings and on weekends, in response to tenants’ feedback.


Why is the repairs and maintenance service being brought in-house?

Our aim is to provide a better, more efficient service with a high level of satisfaction for tenants, so that you receive the best possible service in areas that you tell us are important.

By setting up our own in-house team with directly employed staff delivering repairs and maintenance, we can provide a more focused service. It will give us greater control over day-to-day repairs, the process and quality of the work that is carried out, and appointment keeping. It is a great way to ensure a high level of satisfaction for our tenants.

Simplifying how repairs are reported and resolved leads to a more responsive organisation that meets the standard tenants rightly expect.

Our main maintenance and repair aim is to do the ‘right job and to get it right first time’.


Will my rent go up because of these changes?

Rent will not increase because of these changes to the maintenance service.


Will any repairs and maintenance services still be carried out by external contractors?

Some services will continue to be carried out by external contractors. Gas maintenance and servicing, grounds maintenance and landscaping, estates management, planned maintenance (e.g. kitchen and bathroom installation), and out-of-hours repairs services will continue to be delivered by our external contractors.


When is this change taking place?

CCHA will start delivering the repairs and maintenance service from 1st April 2020.   CCHA will work with Axis to ensure the handover runs as smoothly as possible – and tenants shouldn’t see any change to the service before or during the change-over period.


Will the telephone number for reporting repairs change?

The phone number will not change and dedicated repair schedulers will respond to your call. If you need to report a repair please continue to contact Customer Services on 029 2046 8490 or visit www.ccha.org.uk.

Have tenants been involved in the new repairs and maintenance service?

Tenant feedback is at the heart of the service we provide. A Residents Panel has been set up, with tenants across Cardiff having a considerable input into the new service.  We will continue to collect and analyse tenant feedback, which will help us to make sure that we get the service right.


Can I take part in the Residents Panel?

If you would like to be part of the Residents Panel please ring 029 2046 8490.


Will I be able to give feedback on my repair?

The Residents Panel have told us they would like tenants to be able to give feedback on a repair at the time it is completed. As a result, tenants will be asked to complete a short survey before our staff leave their property. This includes the option to request a follow-up phone call to discuss the repair.  The staff member who completed the repair will not be able to see the tenant’s response, which will be forwarded to a dedicated team.  The team will have immediate access to the results, and will be able to follow up any issues tenants may have very quickly.  This feedback will help us to provide the best possible repairs service to tenants.


Will there be new vans and uniforms?

There will be new vans and uniforms which will be branded with CCHA logos.


What will the new service by called?

We are consulting with the Residents Panel to name the new service.


 Who should I contact if I have any questions about the new service?

If you have any questions or comments please contact the Head of Property Services on 029 2046 8423.


If you want any information explained or translated, please let us know. If you find it easier for us to talk to you in your own language, we can arrange for an interpreter to be present.


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