Report a Repair

Please contact us as soon as you think a repair is needed in your home.
You can report a repair by:


Emergency Repairs

If you need an emergency repair outside normal office hours (between 5pm and 9am, on weekends or bank holidays) please call our out of hours service on 0300 123 1091.

  • Give your name and address and state that you are a CCHA tenant
  • Explain the problem clearly and in as much detail as possible

You should only use this service in an emergency. If you make any unreasonable use of the service, you will have to pay for the call-out and repair.

Emergency repairs are those which put your safety and home at immediate risk. These include:

  • Gas escapes (please contact Transco immediately on 0800 111 999)
  • Fumes from heating appliances
  • Burst water pipes or storage tanks
  • Dangerous electrical faults
  • Person trapped in a lift
  • Fault with a fire alarm
  • Insecure doors or windows following a break-in or vandalism (we may recharge for this job)
  • Damaged glazing (doors, windows), where this is dangerous

You should only report emergency repairs by telephoning the above number. If you contact a contractor directly and arrange for a repair, we will not accept responsibility and you will have to pay for it yourself.